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EMF Resource offers the following services: Inspection • Detection • Measurement • Evaluation • EMF safe products


Rockie Richards

I measure, evaluate, and remediate buildings to make them safe for people and their pets to thrive. Because I myself was a victim of smartmeter attacks resulting in many dangerous atrial fibrillations for 7 years until I found the cause, I choose to teach others how to protect themselves safely in a world bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies. I am also active in pushing for changes in regulations that allow products that produce unsafe EMF’s to be sold without regard to human safety. As a former high school teacher, it is very important to me to protect children and faculty in schools from wifi, cell towers, and other loosely regulated instruments that may be hazardous to humans. Download Full Bio


Steve Richards

After witnessing my wife having numerous episodes of potentially lethal atrial fibrillation attacks, some requiring emergency room visits, and finally discovering that the cause was the electrical meter on our home and the best cure was the removal of the ‘smart’ meter. I have subsequently decided to dedicate the rest of my life to the study of EMFs and their impact on the human environment in general.

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