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Preparing for your consultation:  There are four easy steps.

Step One:   Sketch of your floor plan.  (optional)

Please make a sketch of your floor plan.  We can email you a sample of our 8.5 X 11 graph paper for your convenience. Each floor of a multi floor building needs to be on a single sheet. Please provide us with four copies ahead of our on site visit.

These floor plans will greatly speed up the metering process saving you consulting time and money.  The floor plan is also intended to provide you with a visual record for quick future reference as you re-mediate your environment following the EMF protection recommendations you will receive.

We alternately use our Field Survey Site measurement log sheets that record each room for those not able to sketch their floor plan.

Step Two:   What to expect.

We prefer that you are present at the time of the consultation, and that you are available to ask and answer questions about the environment and to observe the demonstrated EMF that is on site.

We generally use five to six meters to measure the various types of EMF, detect their sources, field strengths, etc.  We use the Acoustimeter Model AM-10 and the Gigahertz HF35C for RF microwave fields, a TriField Model 100XE meter for electrical fields, an Alpha Model UHS2 Gaussmeter for magnetic fields plus a Broadband EMI meter to measure “dirty” electricity.  We may also elect to use our Lutron AV-102 AC Voltmeter to measure body voltage.

Measurements are typically recorded with the appliances or device in the “on” position.  However, it is always instructive for you to at least observe the  typical difference between on and off for key EMF sources, such as your microwave oven if you have one and any other devices known to produce high RF signals like WiFi, mobile phones, etc.  Basic electric devices like ranges, refrigerators, water heaters, dryers, etc. are simply left in the on mode when taking measurements to see the worst case data and determine their safe distance zones.

Step Three:  EMF Detection and Measurement.

EMF detection and measurements typically take about 10 to 15 minutes per room, however it can take longer in high EMF locations, or areas of intense wireless usage. Consultation dialogue will be done verbally throughout the measuring process, so as to efficiently use time.  After the on site visit, compiling your report and other related documentation will take several more hours, and the final professional assessment and EMF Resource recommendation documentation will follow in about two business days.

EMF Resource

Step Four:  Scheduling and Payment. 


EMF Resource Consultation Fees are $75.00 USD per half hour for both phone or local On Site Consultations. Travel outside of the Spicewood-Austin area can be arranged on an individual basis.  Travel fees may be incurred.

At the time of scheduling, to reserve your date and time, we require a $75.00 deposit, along with your address and your consultation goals.  Upon receiving this deposit payment we begin research into the EMF sources at your location (cell towers, WiFi towers, microwave towers etc.) and other EMF factors impacting your location.

Due to this extensive preliminary research, this deposit is non-refundable.  However, we will work with you in earnest to either reschedule your consultation or, as an alternative, we will provide you with the results of our preliminary research, which is in itself a consultation.

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